I’m not sure why there needs to be a special website for people to kvetch about their employer.  You can pretty much post anything anywhere under any pseudonym. 

Want to get even with a bad boss or an old boyfriend? It’s easy enough these days.  You can even make it near the top of Google’s ranking system if you include enough original content.  Make it specific enough so that someone searching for your ‘John Brown’ knows he’s the one that graduated from Harper Valley High in 1996.

In fact someone did post this note about TempWorks 20 months ago.  He/she says nice stuff about me (appreciated; smooze some more, why dontcha?), then says “management divided”. 

They should have written “not divided enough” because there is way too much agreement between David, Paul and me about WPF, funding, full-service processing and how to build great staffing companies.  

I need to hear disagreement, criticism…like that we suck at being global right at a time when staffing is growing fastest outside of North America. Stuff like that.

If I were an employee of TempWorks (which I am), my biggest beef would be that we’ve so rapidly kept up with Microsoft’s releases that I have to stop and think about which version I’m on before I do anything. 

Only a short time ago, it was enough to know SQL.  Now you need .NET 4.0, JQuery, XAML, C# and solid staffing or accounting experience to get anything done.

In any case, criticism and candor are a company’s best friend.  There is never enough of it inside a company. 

How else would I learn about what customers and employees want?

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