This morning I misidentified On24 as the virtual trade show vendor that I had a bad experience with.  After the post I got this message/comment from On24.

Hi Gregg,
I'd love to chat with you about this event and your experience. Can you give me the link to this show? As far as I know we're not hosting an Internet Marketing show today.
Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for participants, so your comments are very valuable to us.
Denise Persson

We talked later in the afternoon and indeed Denise was right, and I was wrong.  It was not On24 but a different vendor.  My apologies to On24.

Denise emphasized that On24 is all about great virtual trade show experiences, and I know that On24 has a great reputation in online marketing.

If you check the On24 website at you’ll see that they have quite a few online seminars on virtual showrooms and tradeshows.  I plan on attending one soon and hope you do too!

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