Please see below the comments received over the last couple of months on our Customer Service Surveys. Great Job, Support Team!

We have been using the survey since December 2011 and have rec’d over 350 surveys. This is just a snapshot of what we are getting for feedback.

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"Bracy is GREAT. When I hear his voice on the phone I know I will be getting service that exceeds my expectations....He gets my YO! Award, which means You're Outstanding...GREAT Job!!!"  - Rec’d from NSC

"Kevin was a pleasure to work with and was VERY helpful." – rec’d from Hire Dynamics

"Thank you for your quick response to this matter. Terry Bondeson was professional and gave me immediate attention to this issue. Thank you!" – rec’d from The Arnold Group

"Kevin is fantastic to work with. He always takes great care of us."  - Rec’d from Dynamic Staffing

"Mike Bracy was very patient when helping me resolve my issue and stayed on the phone with me untill i was comfortable with my outcome."  – rec’d from Maleko Staffing

"Once again, excellent service and help. AND Justin has been very helpful and very patient with us over this starting up phase of our relationship with your company. His help and understanding has been most appreciated." – rec’d from Blue Collar Temps for Justin

"Bracy was extremely helpful and is always pleasant each time I call with an issue."  – rec’d from Hire Dynamics

"Joe was outstanding as always." – rec’d from Staffing Specifix

"There is no box for Fantabulous...or I would have clicked that one!"  - rec’d from Nicolet Staffing regarding Mike Bracy

"Excellent Service. Thank you."   – rec’d from Career Strategies for Alisha Santoorjian

"Did not have the answer but called me back within 5 minutes with the solution. Appreciated his responsiveness and customer service."  - Rec’d from LSI Staffing for Dan Skaarup

"Very patient and helpful!" – rec’d from Flexicrew for Dan Edeen

"Alisha was amazing! What a pro! She deserves a raise." – rec’d from Power Plus

"Give Joe a bonus check!!! He did a great job!"  - Dawson & Dawson Inc

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