From Koleen’s LinkedIn profile:

"Let's face it - sales is a difficult profession and those of us that stick with it are probably a little bit nuts in some way. I've been in sales for over 20 years and I'm not afraid of hard work, but several years back I began noticing it was becoming increasingly difficult to get a foot in the door at new companies. I mean that literally - many company doors are locked and require you to buzz and say some magic password to even get to the gatekeeper, let alone past her! Out of frustration, I began to read everything I could about sales and marketing to see if other sales people were finding the same obstacles. Seems like they are with less than 50% meeting quota.

The information I studied all led to the same conclusion - sales today is an inbound activity - you need to use inbound marketing to drive sales - you have to get the prospect to come to you before you can work your magic. Developing an integrated inbound marketing plan to drive sales is the key to success in sales. There's a pretty exciting marketing and sales revolution going on right around us. At Grassroots Marketing we've developed the tools to generate leads and turn them into sales. Let us show you how we moved into Sales 2.0 and turned things around."

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