My first job after college was programming operating systems for Univac at United Airlines at the San Francisco airport. On my first day of work, April 1, 1979, United layed off a bunch of its staff and put the remainder on 50% salary. This caused a massive walkout, including several of their key programmers, and destabilized their maintenance center including their computers for the better part of a year.

My boss there, Ted Hollman, made it a point to keep me out of all the heated meetings that followed, and I've been carrying the meeting-free torch ever since. So at TempWorks, questions like whether to rename our browser product 'TWX' get made without formal meetings. It still takes a lot of communication, and for that I'd like to thank some folks who got us to a consensus on TWX.

Our VP of Training, Dalyce Woods, commented as well: "I also agree with your concern about the name of “Web Client”. It becomes confusing during the sales process since we consider our customers “Client” and our customers consider their customers “Client”." Good point, Dalyce, we over-employ the term client.

Finally, one of our young guns wondered whether my musings on the name change represented an official policy change. He had already made the leap that TWX was a better name than WebClient, and his comment made me painfully aware of how even my casual comments can get taken the wrong way.

So there it is: a meeting-free decision to rename a major product.

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