Sometimes I run across a site so beautifully designed I just have to stop and admire it. 

Such is the case with Talent Rooster, a candidate video service that bridges the gap between YouTube, Facebook and traditional staffing. 

Since I do a lot of videos myself and have spent no small amount of money on production equipment, I’m particularly jealous of the quality of Talent Rooster videos.

The site officially launched on May 20th and already five staffing firms are on board, including Tempworks client The Daniel Group, based in Houston.

"We really believe this technology is the future of our business and brings our firm incredible branding and marketing.", said Jarrod Daniel CEO of the Daniel Group. "We figured this technology would be here within the next couple of months and we wanted to be the market leader."

The brainchild of TempWorks client and owner of Dawson Resources, David DeCapua, TalentRooster connects job seekers, recruiters and employees with digital video profiles and video resumes, making the whole recruiting process much more efficient.

"Over 95% of the people staffing firms interview never get placed. Also, staffing firms penetrate less than 1% of the companies in their markets."

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