Looking for a job? Let me save you some time- use Google. Here's the wrong way and the right way:

Wrong way. Let's say you're looking for a SQL programming job in Minneapolis. Enter just those keywords as your search criteria, and you get a slimy result set of SEO (search-engine optimization) savvy recruiting firms that want your resume. Waste of time.

Smart way. Enter the same criteria, but add the term 'blog', like this. Now the result set becomes a lot more interesting. You still get some junk, but you succeed in cutting through the opaque layer of SEO goo. You get straight to pages from SQL peer groups including hiring managers. Call them. Write them. Email them. Make it personal and make sure you send along a testimonial from a client or a boss about the wonderful things you do for them.

I'm guessing this technique will work for the next six months. After that, all bets are off because the SEOs will help recruiting firms figure out that to catch traffic you have to join the blogosphere.

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