“We’ve given social media over to the marketers…we’ve been playing at this so far…we need to ‘be social’ as opposed to ‘doing social’…you need to drive social at your organization!”

That's what Jim Durbin of Social Media Talent, told a group of over 200 recruiters and HR types assembled at the MN Recruiters Conference.

The long-time blogger, social business consultant, marketer, trainer, and headhunter was pointed and direct in his remarks about how recruiters can – and should – use social media.

“Recruiters are all social by nature, but most of us must have to work hard to learn how to make the best use of social media channels. And you need to if you really want to drive and spread influence in you organization.”

Here are a few of his tips:

  • Read, read, read
  • Find your audience online
  • Figure out how they want to connect
  • Engage them
  • The public is looking for information – and finding it – outside of traditional means such as job boards, newspapers and company websites, so you have to be out there, too
  • This is happening…with or without you

Durbin also suggested the following steps, even challenging the audience to actually enter this task on their calendars while sitting there and listening to him:

  1. Make a list of all of your placements
  2. Figure out a way to talk to them
  3. Find out how their jobs are going
  4. Discover what challenges they face
  5. Aggregate the information that is useful; to you and/or your bosses
  6. Be an Enterprise Improvement Consultant!

“Perhaps you can bring solutions to your bosses, and not just job candidates,” said Durbin. “Don’t be a desk jockey pushing resumes. Be someone who cares, who adds value, who solves problems, and is an expert on social media!”

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