An example of HR being the new PR.

TempWorks used no PR firm and did not do an exhibit booth, but we did send in our stars to the Staffing World trade show in Orlando last week.

After a day of networking with attendees, vendors and presenters, Jathan Moline, Laura Baratto, Rich Peterson, and Casey Kraus gather for some late night bonding.

Today Twitter is all aflutter because someone had the audacity to write a positive blog post about HR.

My colleague Paul DeBettignies | MN Headhunter , an active social networker and organizer of recruitment conferences here in the Twin Cities, offered a less positive view of HR:

[…] The past month I have been a panelist or speaker at four HR events and I am nearly speechless from some of the most basic and frequently asked questions I have heard including:

- Do I really need a LinkedIn profile?
- How do I set up a Facebook profile?
- Is this Tweeter thing for real?
- So people talk about work stuff online?

The one recurring theme at all of these events: attendees were overwhelmed with and by the technology being used.

So yes our friends above are awesome at what they do. But I suggest that if they were in a car driving down the road and looked in the rear view mirror, they would see very few if any of their colleagues.

Sure, this should (and had better) change over time but I am not holding my breath.

To which the author of the blog post, a JMM (what’s your name JMM – I couldn’t find it) replied:

Unfortunately, part of the HR community is slow to adapt to the social media world and we need people like you to help push everyone forward.  [Italics and bold, mine]

"Push Everyone Forward"?

JMM: There is no "push everyone forward".  I tried to "push forward" a donkey once in Portugal and have gotten similar results with operational teams. Contrary to popular belief, shit doesn't actually flow down - it just hangs around for everyone to deal with.

There is but one hope: to be on the front line, leading the charge, assessing the alternatives at every instant, and having the confidence that the people you've selected and developed will join the battle.

Mine have.

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