A new free staffing app for the iPad and iPhone promises to make the job of quoting bill and pay rates a lot easier.

Published by Tempworks, the Quotes Calculator app computes rates and allows sales professionals to adjust calculations based on desired margins and expected burden percentages. You then have the ability to email those quotes to clients and/or internal staff.

Staffing Talk caught up with the Tempworks' CEO, David Dourgarian, to find out more.

ST: Isn’t this just a calculator app? Aren’t there already great calculator apps for ios?
Dourgarian:  [Chuckle] You’re right that at its core it’s a calculator, but we customized it for staffing sales professionals. It helps them close more deals at better margins.

ST: How? Is it faster or more efficient or something?
Dourgarian:  That’s part of it. Speed helps. Accuracy helps. No one likes to stumble on numbers in front of a client. Consider that a staffing quote involves a lot of variables – pay rates, markups, worker comp, tax rates.

ST: So does the app come with complete tax tables?
Dourgarian: No. We prefill with the common rates like FICA and FUTA, but since SUTA varies by state and employer as do worker comp rates, the user supplies their own. You can set up multiple quotes to handle each client, each situation.

ST: Is the idea that this will help staffing sales people in front of a client?
Dourgarian: Definitely. The ability to sit down with your iPad side-by-side with the client and play what-if scenarios on pay rates and email the client sample quotes, that creates transparency and trust. It gives you time to listen better to the client.

ST: We installed it from AppStore for free. What’s the catch? Why free? Are you using this to help hook people into buying a paid version?
Dourgarian: There is no catch, no time-limitation, no "gotcha." I’m not saying we won’t in the future offer enhancements in a paid version, but that’s not where we are going with this now.

ST: OK, so why are you doing it? What's the benefit for you?
Dourgarian: I felt like it. I wanted it for myself, and it seemed like the right thing to do. There’s also the fact that trust is the basis for all sales, and offering a free product helps people to get to know us.

We’ve been offering free versions of our core products for years. “Try it, you’ll like it” is the best sales pitch ever.

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