David Dourgarian, CEO of Tempworks and ardent Apple fan, says that although he’s stoked about the announcements coming out of the Apple Developer Conference this week in San Francisco, he shares widespread concern that Apple is losing its soul when it comes to new product design.

“I’m on the road selling and interviewing 60% of the time, and the new features in Siri (iOS 7) alone will make me more productive,” he says. “The ability to tell Siri to play my last voice mail or turn on Bluetooth will just make it that much easier to sell better. That and the improved multitasking make it a slam dunk upgrade.”

But all is not well in Cupertino. Apple is compromising design, Dourgarian said, and he has long-term concerns about its product direction, especially on the desktop. “It’s telling that their new Mac video doesn’t run well on either the iPad or iPhone.  Everything – from mobile to desktop needs to work together. I admire Jonathan Ive [Apple’s celebrated design wizard], but I get the feel of design by committee with this lack of focus on integration between mobile and desktop.”

Recruiters and staffing agencies are among the first to latch onto new iOS innovations. “It’s not just a sales productivity thing anymore.  More and more we’re seeing agencies providing iPhone apps for their candidates. It’s a whoever-has-the-talent-wins market right now and if you want to be effective as a talent agent you need to be providing your candidates with the best experience for keeping up on the job market,” Dourgarian said.

But after ripping further on Apple’s design issues, Dourgarian said he plans to be among the first buyers of the new Mac. “I fell in love with the design and want it in my house.”

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