It’s hard to imagine given the thousands of tax jurisdictions around the country that software could be made to comply with it all by the click of a button, but in fact that is what the TempWorks Enterprise development team has been preparing for over the last year.

In concert with the subsidiary of a public bank, the team is accomplishing something of great consequence for the staffing and payroll industries.   This isn’t just the conversion of a large corporation off of an aging mainframe – it’s a game changer. 

Here on out, staffing companies not on TempWorks will have to deal with the fact that their business processes – whether they’re outsourced to someone else or not – are carrying several extra percent of admin expense that their TempWorks processed competitors aren’t.

Staffing software is changing so quickly on so many levels that it’s easy to forget the mundane of what happens in the deep back office, but those extra percentage points on the income statement mean a lot.

Here’s a short video clip of one aspect of the tax pay system.

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