Our political leaders clamor for 'education, education, education' as the path to better jobs.

If only it were true - magari fosse vero as Harvard economist Ricardo Haussman put it.

In 1960, countries with an education level of 8.3 years of schooling were 5.5 times richer than those with 2.8 year of schooling. By contrast, countries that had increased their education from 2.8 years of schooling in 1960 to 8.3 years of schooling in 2010 were only 167% richer. Moreover, much of this increase cannot possibly be attributed to education, as workers in 2010 had the advantage of technologies that were 50 years more advanced than those in 1960. Clearly, something other than education is needed to generate prosperity.

The reality is that it is businesses and not educational institutions who possess a near monopoly on useful knowledge.   

If you want the skills to get a great job, your best bet is to get a job with a good company.

And who better to get the marginally employable into job opportunities?