From commentary by spherionholder on Spherion's acquisition of Technisource:

Re: what will happen to all the Technisource employees? 28-Jan-08 09:32 pm

I do not know what will happen to Technisorce employees - however if the synergy cost savings are in the millions, then it must indicate redundant staff will be cut.

Here is my idea of what will happen:

  • All redundant staff of technisorce will be cut. This includes accounting, mid-management, payroll and other people at Technisorce's headquarters - as Spherion has those types of employees already and will keep theirs.
  • Then the production staff that cannot run BOTH sides of THEIR OWN DESK (find clients/find temps) will be cut.
  • Office space will be shared or merged. It has to be done fast or we will pay double labor charges for backoffice staff. There are lots of ways to cut and save $$.

I don't think our management has the guts to do it. But they had the guts to make a pricey acquisition in the face of a huge recession and worldwide credit crunch

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