J. William Tincup keeps a ping-pong table in his HR marketing offices and speaks his mind about how much money gets wasted on garbage marketing:

We just got tired of producing crap. You know the stuff I’m talking about–the countless ads in trade pubs featuring dudes in suits standing on chairs artfully poised on beaches, hands shading their eyes as they scan the horizon, pregnant with wisdom and acuity. The postcard with chess pieces. The multi-colored-puzzle-piece logo. The sexy-business-girl-wearing-glasses-because-she’s-smart chatting it up with VIPs on her cell phone. Seriously–you do that stuff long enough and a little piece of you dies. One day you just wake up naked in your front yard, beer cans scattered like shrapnel, dog licking your face–a sharp sense of regret and a dull memory of the last gig you played with your crappy college rock band. Is it hot in here? As an industry, marketers are like Ryan Seacrest–we’ll do anything for a buck. If the client says, “Make it green with some smart people,” we say, “How high?” Get my drift? We made a mistake because we dropped out of the rat race.  We made a pledge to ourselves and to our clients that we would no longer settle for status quo. We made it our mission to innovate marketing in this space.  We carefully constructed a model for helping our clients create the right marketing strategies, and then for helping them implement and execute. We went through a very painful process of trying to get to the bottom of the biggest constraints for marketing in this space, and then we methodically set about creating a sustainable solution for each constraint.

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