I was reluctant to title this post “HTML5 Strikes Back” – after all HTML5 is an open standard, a rebel cause if there ever was one, and nothing like the bad guys in the Empire Strikes Back. Nevertheless, this is definitely a story about striking back, in particular Sencha’s HTML5 devs striking back at Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who had thoroughly convinced the world that his company’s post-IPO troubles were caused by nothing less nefarious than supposed HTML5 deficiencies.

So who is Sencha and how did they strike back? Well they develop tools for HTML5 developers…very sophisticated tools, and a couple of their devs did an HTML5 prototype remake of the iphone and Android Facebool app and showed that in reality, HTML5 done right can out perform installed apps done not quite so right.

Since we’re neck deep in app development for iPhone, Android, and Surface, I’ll be thinking a lot about the video below this week. I’d love to hear your comments as well.

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