A Breitbart writer rips on spoiled millennials h/t gotnews.com

Lisa Pasquale nailed this post on five ways to succeed when your employer hasn't fallen for every 'how to treat a millennial' fad out there.   

You can sneer at the millennials-are-from-Mars trope, but just last week I interviewed a younger person who made me think there may be something to it.  After doing well for most of the interview, she started asks questions like  "What sort of perks do you have?" and "Do you guys do like company getaway trips each year for all the employees?".   I told her we didn't and that if she wanted a cushy job where expenses weren't watched she should try to get on with one of my venture-backed competitors.  

 Some aphorisms from Pasquale's post:

Arrive on time and arrive ready to work... Show some initiative. Be mentally prepared to be rebuffed and be willing to try again. Look for answers on your own rather than expect them to be spoon-fed to you....Be the person your boss can rely on for tasks big and small.  Rather than throw your hands up in the air and give up, be a problem solver. As the Marines often say Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.