One downside to the latest mobile phones like the iPhone and Droid is that apps try to get too fancy and end up running more slowly then they did three years ago on our old clunky phones.   That’s because they’re trying to send down tons of data to make a slick display. 

That’s not always what you want in fact I find it irritating that Yahoo, Bloomberg, Reuters and other apps run more slowly now on my Droid then they did years ago on my dinky smartphone that displayed text only.  Text works best in many cases so why not let the user have that option?

Solution for TempWorks Mobile is to give the user the option of 'dumbing down', that is letting the app display in its simplest format, so that response times stay super fast.

imageSo to the left here you can see in our solution explorer how we route the appropriate response for the user’s device.  If you’re using an iPhone then great it will present in iPhone format.  But that’s not enough if you’re wanting to ‘dumb down’ the display.

What we need is code in our web for view engine that let’s you override the default behavior of presenting the fanciest screen you can for the device.  If you want the simple view, just say so in your setup screen and you got it.


Later I’ll get more into why the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern makes it especially easy to do this kind of tweak but briefly it’s about freedom.  When you can separate out the layers of your application – for example the display (view) from everything else – then you can focus on that domain without mucking up the works for everyone else working on a project.

I really wish my favorite mobile news sites like Yahoo and Reuters would implement something similar.

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