How do you handle inbound leads from the web? Pounce? Pause? Putz?

It’s an issue I talk about a lot with the sales staff here at TempWorks.

Obviously, the phone-in leads we handle right away. Anecdotally the phone-ins are the best, and so we display our phone number prominently on our website.

But what about emails from prospects or webform conversions from the website? How quickly should you respond?

Two bloggers I follow closely, Mike Damphousse and Craig Rosenberg, aka the Funneholic, recently took up the question, with Rosenberg championing the pounce.

Let me tell you how I handle it at TempWorks, and please let me know in the comment section whether I’m on track or not.

  1. First thing to know is that I personally receive all of these inbound leads (200+ per month) and am in charge of dispatching them or not to the appropriate party. I like to handle them because it gives me immediate reinforcement on the different ppc (pay-per-click) and social media advertising programs I have going.
  2. Second, when I get them, I determine if they are hot on the trail of a purchase; that is, those that make sense to include in Rosenberg’s graph win-rate/time-to-respond graph:

    I immediately forward these hot leads to the appropriate sales person.

  3. Third, a lot of the leads we get are from start-ups or simply people thinking of starting a staffing agency. For those, I’m more likely to welcome them to the website and suggest they join one of our free seminars.

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