How do you get a girl to dance with you? 

The answer of course is to just ask. May I dance with you? 

She may say no, but that is not the end and besides there are plenty of other girls to ask as well, even if you're full of pimples and president of the math club.  Let me take you back a few years. 

As a young teenager growing up in suburban Milwaukee in 1973, advice about girls was in no short supply. Jimmy, the older boy across the street seemed to have a lot of  it which he dispensed freely, portending its value. 

"Connections, you gotta have connections," he would say. And those connections, yup, he had them. The girl he wanted to dance with was the sister of one of his best friends.  They went to Hebrew school together. It was a sure thing. Yada, yada. Connections. The era of "The French Connection". Gene Hackman. You had to have connections. 

You know how this story goes. Jimmy never popped the question, never asked her to dance, never got the girl. Twenty years later, still unmarried, Jimmy was still talking about connections. 

Moral: quit looking shit up on the internet, and go visit your clients and ask them out to lunch.