I’ve written in the past about Manpower’s masterful use of social media.  Check out my posts here and here about that.

Manpower’s Mark Toth has been entertaining and educating us on harassment, The Office, and all things HR, legal and staffing for a long time.   Today he tweeted about his new Facebook page, and it’s done so well he’s forced me to go rethink how staffing companies can make use of Facebook.

Two aspects of his Facebook site standout.   First is the attractiveness.  The second is the intent. 

The attractiveness comes first from the use of the photo.  He’s a sharp looking guy - that helps - but the fact is that you could look like Fiona and a real photo would still bring a skin-in-the-game effect that attracts customers.  We’re in the process of redoing the StaffingTalk website, and this is a strong reminder to me to add photos as we’ve done for the TempWorks website.

The intent of his website is what so clearly distinguishes it from almost every other business related blog. It’s clear he’s there to entertain and inform and not self-promote. 

Overall, it’s another great lesson from a company that has mastered public relations over the decades.

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