When Tocqueville passed through this part of Indiana some 200 years ago he had a lot to say about slavery and the economy with equal measures of disgust and delight. His mood would be similar today.

"Unemployment here is 15 percent," says the concierge at our hotel. "Obama came through three weeks ago, didn't you read about it?" No, sorry, Mr-Spend-More-Than-Bush does not interest me, I want to say. Can't you see he's leading us down a path of slavery to government not unlike the slavery Tocqueville wrote about 200 years ago?

Yesterday we met with a staffing company near Chicago. "All of our job openings have disappeared. The only job openings we have are for three career counselors - we need to use up some grant money we're getting from the state.

Met up with an old buddy in Wisconsin earlier that morning.  He’s an attorney. Twenty percent of the attorneys in this area are unemployed, he says.  I tried to figure out if that was a good thing or not. Smart guy – he considers us to be in a depression.

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