Although not commonly seen as agents of innovation, staffing companies have for decades played a big part in getting industries up on simple efficiencies such as modern time clocks and web-based labor reporting systems.   

One of our first big contracts at Tempworks in the 1990s was helping Manpower automate time tracking for the various agencies supplying workers to Herman Miller in Roseville, CA.    The paperless processes drove down cost all while helping onsite managers improve training and safety.     

Fast-forwarding almost two decades, a new door has opened to drive innovation via staffing.   RTLS (Real Time Location Services) automates tracking with simple beacon devices.   Imagine it as a GPS hooked to each worker yet integrated fully with your time clocks and staffing software.   A Four Square gone factory floor.

Our product, currently in beta, tracks these workers on factory floors using low-cost beacons and Linux based receptors.   Technically, it's similar to the way timeclock punches real-time find their way via the cloud onto onto a factory manager's screen using Tempworks webcenter.

Although such tracking of workers evokes for some a totalitarian or dehumanizing element, there are clear advantages for everyone involved especially considering the low cost of these systems.


The safety advantages of RTLS are already well-known in high-risk industries.   High profile accidents like the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion in West Virginia which killed many miners or the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf are just two examples.   When disaster strikes, it's imperative to know where workers are.  If one is missing, it's critical to begin looking.

With Tempworks' RTLS solution, workers carry beacons that update staffing software in real time.   In the event of an industrial accident, say for example the release of a poisonous gas, a plant manager can instantly see with our cell or desktop app where workers are relative to the leak.


Clearance security and access control to automatic doors offer one of the more obvious security advantages of Tempworks RTLS.   But at even more security conscious sites, security personnel can use the system for employee surveillance.   


Where are all these workers and what are they doing?    How many people on overtime are currently working and what are they doing?   

How can I know exactly where a given employee worked on a given day?   How long did the employee take on break?    How can I know if an employee has been taking a nap on a palette of boxes deep in a storage room?


In summary, staffing suppliers have a chance now to help their clients win in news ways.   By leveraging breakthroughs in RTLS and its integration with Tempworks staffing software, you can lower costs, improve the safety of your workers, and enhance client security.