The big news today: Joan Baez fell out of a tree.   20 foot free fall.  I love Joan for her spirit and her music and for being idealistic.  Not so much for her tree house.

You knew there was a staffing angle to this, right?  No?  Ok, well for me there was.

My Dad used to sing a parody of the Dylan/Baez hit “Blowing in the Wind”…it went something like this “How many points must the unemployment rate go up, before they let them build the factory?”

I met up with a friend this Thanksgiving weekend.  He owns a 15-person construction company here in the Twin Cities and is firing everybody and going cash.   He’s one of the few that have withstood the construction crash, but with healthcare ‘reform’ on the way there is no way as an employer he wants to be holding the bag.

Yes, we are becoming Europe.  We’ll survive via the black market.   Which is bad…but doesn’t change the fact that this is hilarious:

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