I was thinking about the difference between sales people that “try to sell something” and those that facilitate by skillfully walking the line between the company and client.

The former is a plague.  The latter is a delight to everyone involved.

Yet the world of advice is completely out of whack when it comes to aiding the pushy sales person.  For them there is no end to sales gurus, sales books, and sales conferences on how to sell something.   Often though companies caught up in the anxiety of trying to sell haven’t done their homework in creating a value proposition.

Creating that proposition isn’t easy or obvious.  I found this out the hard way in the mid-1980s while expanding my small airline software consulting company.  I was “selling” against big gun consulting companies until one day I realized that what customers wanted wasn’t more consulting but rather a way to get their software work done with in-house staff.  Everything changed once I got my value proposition in line with what the customers wanted.

The same thing has happened with TempWorks since David Dourgarian became president a few years back and led us through a transformation from “selling” software to creating an incredible value proposition with our Venture funding and processing division.

In that time we’ve gone from “trying to sell something” to facilitating clients through a process that launches them into a high-growth, low-overhead business.

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