Manpower used to have a strong employment brand. Its ads and systems supported themes like the White Glove Girl, which drove it to success in office services despite eponymous roots in labor.

Today most staffing companies seem to avoid differentiating on employment brand. Their ads all focus on the same keywords like "people," "performance" and "jobs."

Maybe that's the right thing to do since that is what they do, but it all sounds the same. Little differentiation.

Mind you, software companies don't do much better. We all focus on the same set of messages: "on-demand," "integrated," "simple," "total solution." Little differentiation.

Vitamin Water is not a staffing company, but it does use its employment brand to further its message. Check out this clip with Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. I enjoyed the scene where he cajoles the lab lady into getting one more banana into the drink.

What do you think of their strategy?

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