Note: I just got back home from the London recruitment conferences, and thanks to melatonin and other drugs not to mention a wife welcoming me I’m back at it with minimal disruption.  There is so much game-changing stuff going on in recruitment, how can i keep from blogging?

With the UK recruitment industry under attack from every direction, I should not have been so surprised to have met at TruLondon this last week any number of current or former company owners in the UK “changing the game”.

A leader in this art of “changing the game” was no other than Bill Boorman, the organizer of TruLondon, himself.   Unlike stuffy SHRM conferences that can cost several thousand dollars to attend, his conference brought brought in recruitment leaders in from all over the world for a conference price not too much more than buying a round of Newcastle Brownies at the local pub.  His next conference is TruUSA.  More on that later.

Another game-changer I met was Richard Alberg of who figured out a way to help a ton of people find a job and get his outplacement business off to a roaring start.   He gets his market and isn’t afraid of it.  He writes: “However our success has been based upon the very large number of people who are unemployed.  Yes, we console ourselves, we are helping our customers be the ones who swiftly secure new jobs.  However to be a customer in the first place the individual has first lost his or her job.  As a business, rising sales are a good thing yet each additional subscription is an unemployed person who is inevitably experiencing a very challenging time.  This goes with the space we operate in and I feel great that we are providing a sufficiently good service that people choose us.  But it is a sobering thought that must temper our celebrations of commercial success.”

This expression “game-changing” is ever on my mind and is a core part of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s book  Trust Agents.  I’m not just reporting here either.  I’m busy trying to determine the next best steps for TempWorks.

A temp industry job board.  Payroll funding in the UK.  Twitter job board integration.  Taking our solutions to mainstream employers.  No idea goes unexplored.

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