When a financial analyst called me at the beginning of September, I gave him my take that employment was still in the tank, that the tiny uptick counted little compared to the infernal descent that began October 2008.

Indeed, the rise seemed no higher than Balloon Boy in the attic.

Now six weeks later, it’s a different story. And it’s not just the normal October lift you usually get in the staffing industry.

YTY increases range from 5% to 30% with the best results coming from higher-end staffing. It could just be a blip, but we could be at the start of a perfect storm for employers. The confluence of retirement, a rising-economy, anti-employer legislation, and reduced immigration would give the power back to the connectors.

Who are the connectors? They’re the A-list recruiters. The Twitter Illuminati. The writers. And, ahem, the social media software developers.

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