Yum, I love it when staffing people write about injustices committed against them. Take Mr. Technisource, for example, over at the Spherion message board.

"Salesmen are dishonest, motivated yes, but motivated to lie in order to make themselves look good.

I can only comment on the Technisource side. For years, Technisource has allowed incomplete orders: salespeople could not give us bill rates, durations, a complete job description (unless it was emailed by a VMS contact), steps client will take next, timeframes, how long the order was existing. You start calling candidates on a HOT ORDER, only to learn they heard about it months earlier through another firm - so what we have is a stale order that the client is in no hurry to fill.

I have been told by former Technisource salesmen that they MADE UP job orders, and CLIENT APPOINTMENTS - just added them in the I-base system. Then claimed recruiters could not fill the GREAT orders "fast enough" so the order was filled by competition.

You could usually tell a fake order - if you had a candidate ready as soon as you were given the order, and the candidate passed all the tests - then the SALESMAN WOULD FIND A PERSONAL REASON NOT TO HIRE (submit) THEM. Such as: personality, lack of college degree, didn't like their eye contact, hair or they wanted full benefits.

Always a reason a candidate that scored 90% or better on the technical tests and had great references should not be submitted or considered. REAL REASON: YOU FOUND A CANDIDATE THEY THOUGHT WAS UNOBTAINABLE-SALES DONT WANT THIER BAD ORDER TO BE DISCOVERED.

Management blames recruiters-sales is innocent, they just don't get good candidates. But now there is a FLOOD OF PERFECT CANDIDATES. The ignorant management never investigate why perfect candidates are declined by the salesmen/cients. But we all know. The orders were fakes."

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