The much-debated and publicized trial for the Trayvon Martin case is now over. The verdict is in. And George Zimmerman is a free man.

Zimmerman is looking to move on, but how is “the most hated man in America” going to get a job? Who’s going to hire him?

"I think George Zimmerman is going to have a very difficult time, even though he was acquitted," criminal defense attorney Barry Slotnick reportedly said.

"There will be people who revile George Zimmerman forever," Laurie Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, was credited as saying.

Hell, even Zimmerman’s own lawyer reportedly said, “he really is imprisoned for life.”

So what do you think: would you take him on as a candidate and place him? Better yet, would you or your company hire him yourself? We’ve heard quite a bit from recruiters and staffers about putting former criminals to work, and Zimmerman’s record won’t even have this blemish on it – just a resisting arrest charge from 2005 that was eventually dropped and a mutual restraining order with his ex-fiancee.

He’s got a “run of the mill,” “somewhat mild” record, according to the judge. And while a lot of sources have been comparing Zimmerman to OJ Simpson, in Zimmerman’s case he’s still pretty young (29), and has a fairly strong professional record as a mortgage underwriter and neighborhood volunteer who was also pursuing a degree in criminal justice.

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