TempWorks healthcare staffing clients have grown revenue on an average of 30% year-to-year, despite an unmitigated recession in this space.

This represents quite a bloast (boasting on a blog) as Staffing Industry Analysts has the stats on the health care stock crash last month:

"Allied Healthcare International Inc. (AMEX: AHCI): $5.85 vs. $6.16; -5%
AMN Healthcare Services Inc. (NYSE: AHS): $14.77 vs. $16.90; -12.6%
ATC Healthcare Inc. (AMEX: AHN): $0.36 vs. $0.54; -33.3%
Cross Country Healthcare Inc. (NASD: CCRN): $16.11 vs. $16.76; -3.9%
Medical Staffing Network Holdings Inc. (NYSE: MRN): $5.58 vs. $7.98; -30.1%
On Assignment Inc. (NASD: ASGN): $4.30 vs. $5.37; -19.9%"

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