Is your staffing business experiencing growth rates from 10% to 50% per year and sometimes more?  If not, is it something you’d like to see happen?

If so you might also enjoy the Growth Hacker website which I first started checking out a couple months ago but finally used the holiday to dig deep into.

Growth Hackers features videos like this one by Chamath P. on taking Facebook to one billion users.  He hits on my favorite themes: the long-term, keeping it simple, culture first.  At about 21m30s into the clip he talks about how a simple Facebook goal (“seven friends in ten days”) helped his team focus.

I believe Chamath’s approach can help staffing companies.  He sites three stages of customer acquisition: 1) get them in the door, 2) get them to an ‘aha’ moment and 3) relentless improvement of core product and service.

I’m seeing my clients good at these three things getting good margins and growing fast as well.  In stark contrast you have those companies which aren’t growth hacking and have retreated into a defensive position which can be tough to ever recover from.

Chamath’s advice applies to my company, Tempworks, as well, especially the part about relentless improvement in core product and service, and how that in turn means everything to our staffing clients.

I saw this software repository check-in at 4:00 AM on Christmas Eve by Erik Ruggles.  It’s a bit cryptic so I’ll ad lib on his comment.


His first check-in, 10668, deals with one of the nastier problems in back office staffing today which is getting tax jurisdiction settings correct when you have a highly mobile workforce and a geographically diverse set of clients.

The reality is that front office staff is focused on pleasing the customer and candidate and they work at the speed of light.  That requires a completely different skill set than tweaking settings to get reciprocal taxes to work between Boone County and Cincinnati.

His check-in is part of a year-end process improvement TempWorks is implementing that makes corrections easy to make.

His second check-in is about time clock integration.  Although TempWorks is fanatical about building our own great time clock devices, the fact is we know we have great competitors out there like Kronos and Peoplenet and that our customers want tight integration with them.

Neither of these two check-ins are particularly sexy but they are very much in keeping with Chamath’s points about improving customer experience.

How about you?   What ways do you see growth hacking affecting your staffing business?

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