My Dad moved on from Design Service in New York to Manpower in 1966. I remember us pulling out of our New Jersey driveway with my Mom in tears over leaving their first home, and later getting onto interstate 80 for the long drive to Milwaukee.

I've got several posts to make about those years my Dad spent with Manpower - one about their computer programmer quitting offers a lesson for staffing companies and how they manage their software and staff. But before I get to that, I can't resist sharing a much earlier story from his days growing up in the Bronx:

[Cerca 1943 he got a vocational school job making model planes used to train pilots...] "The models were used to allow pilots to identify aircrafts in combat that were either friend or foe. I made many models of American, Japanese and German aircrafts. The school was also open at night for advanced courses in engine mechanics, to prepare students for future work in the war effort. Because these courses were at night, I was forced the find a place to eat, since I was the too far from home. I found a small tearoom restaurant that was owned by a Greek family.
They had a beautiful daughter named Zoe. She would serve me a sandwich and glass of milk almost every evening. I got to know her father well and we became good friends. One day, he asked if I could work at his restaurant one weekend with his daughter while he and his wife were visiting someplace. I immediately agreed to his offer. While working that weekend, Zoe made a fresh peach ice cream sundae and other delicious dishes. The second day that I worked with her, I asked if we could go out on a date sometime. She let me know that her father would only allow her to date Greek boys."

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