What is it anyway with people who find offense in government using temporary agencies to get their work done?

I first found out about this when I was in high school and my Dad's temp agency supplied a couple people to the city of Sacramento to get some paperwork backlog reduced.   Incredibly, the Sacramento Bee ran a front page article afterwards citing the expense as a waste, implying that the agency gross profit included in the expense was somehow unjust.

Here's a recent case in Arizona at a Department of Child Safety.    Lawmakers are criticizing the use of temporary workers to help reduce a backlog of work there.

The Department of Child Safety is turning to former staffers and a temp agency for help chopping down a backlog of 15,000 cases.

But at a hearing Thursday, some lawmakers questioned how well that approach will work...

Makes no sense.   

Government needs to learn to operate lean and mean like businesses, and using staffing services is a big step towards doing that.