In the world of wearable tech, Google Glass was deemed too bulky. Enter the neck tattoo.

Last week, Google-owned Motorola Mobility filed for a patent to develop an electronic tattoo that could be applied directly to your skin. (And yes, they used the above illustration in their application. I realize they're not trying to market it quite yet, but that pupil-less jack-o-lantern with a bar code? Couldn't they have humanized him a bit more?)

LieDetectionUsing technology akin to Bluetooth, the tattoo could communicate with your collection of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems. The thin, bandage-like device would be equipped with a microphone and its own power source so that whoever wears it can deliver voice commands without having to bother with those clunky wireframes (so 2013, right?) or, even more embarrassing, an earpiece.

But there's another optional function that might catch the attention of the recruiting and staffing industry: lie-detection. Yes, Google is treading into moral/ethical/legal territory. Based on the fact that our skin conducts electricity, the tattoo would detect galvanic skin responses of users, which vary based on nerves and dishonesty. Confident truth-tellers -- the candidates you ideally want to place -- will not exhibit the same galvanic response. (I'm not saying you should slap a throat tattoo on your next interviewee, but who knows how commonplace this technology will become? Resume lies have been plaguing the industry for years...)

For those who feel uncomfortable adhering electronics t to their throats, the tattoo could also attach to a collar or neck-band. You can also, um, apply it to animals. (Hairless ones?) I guess we'll have to wait and see how that plays out

Creepy as this new technology may sound, it does smooth out a few of the initial kinks of Google Glass, whose bone-conduction sound system reportedly wasn't up to par. The tattoo would also clarify audio so you could ditch the headphones... and succeed in actually talking on your smartphone at that noisy bar downtown. (no more all-night Texting Marathons! You were getting tired of that, right?)

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