Since almost my entire adult life has centered around being a programmer, recruiting programmers or training programmers, I’m captivated by heartfelt dissertations by programmers about what makes them tick, especially when quitting a job or starting a new one.

Such was the case with this essay by Phillip Su who is leaving Microsoft to go to Facebook.  It’s a good read although in the end it seems he’s leaving Microsoft because he got pissed off by a note on the fridge about not taking soda home.  

As the owner of a company and a programmer I see the free soda thing both ways.  It’s an expense to be sure.  But it’s nice to be able to go in and grab that drink.  And sometimes (IRS, are you reading this…?) the girl friend will ask me to bring some sodas home to have with homemade pizza. 

Tax-free soda, what better way to warm the programmer heart!

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