I have no investment in SelectMinds - in fact, I don't really understand what their software does - but they have a darn good website about how to nurture strong employee relationships.

And could there be a more important topic? Certainly in the staffing business the correlation between quality employee relationships and profitable growth is unmistakable.

Here's a gem from their site:

When it comes to sharing knowledge, nothing beats personal interactions. In the past, people would comb the internet searching for an answer to a question, returning limited or irrelevant information. Through SelectMinds’ networks, users can now search directly for people who hold the knowledge they're seeking and can even see their relationship with that person. Perhaps, he is a friend of a trusted friend. You can see his face and read his biography. In the end, instead of reading 15 articles that mention aerospace engineering, you can ask a 25-year veteran of that industry. Inevitably, the knowledge you receive from him will be more targeted and nuanced and finding the information will be far more time-efficient.

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