Hi Gregg,

I am writing to you because I have been reviewing your github profile and noticed some great contributions in JavaScript - looks great (from my not too technical point of view :) ) . Is this something you created yourself from scratch? And is your main passion JavaScript?

To introduce myself, my name is xxx and I work as interim technical recruitment manager for xx and I wanted to have an informal chat with you on whether you would be open to considering a leading front end role, joining the team in the San Francisco office as we go into probably the company's most exciting phase since it's beginnings!

Although just a start up from 2010 xxx now employs more than 100 people with tech centres launched in Denmark and Shanghai and can now speak of more than 100, 000 companies in over 190 different countries using the product. Although not such a big number in itself the real 'crazy' growth stage will come when the product shifts its focus from being purely business to business to providing solution for the users within those clients. One perfect example would be the recent acquisition of Nike as a customer which is being trialled by 5,000 employees but we are already in discussions to role this out to a much wider scope of a company employing 40,000+ employees. This is one of three major projects coming up in 2014/15 and if successful will move the xxx platform being used by 100,000+ companies to being used by millions of users.

xxx is looking for front end guru's that have JavaScript development as a passion. There is already an established team of dedicated front end developers but the idea is to double this team over the coming months.

The success of the technical work is dependent on increasingly creative app development which will keep the user experience at the bleeding edge.

The position would really suit someone that wants to work in a fast paced start up, where you can add value to intricate products and applications from day 1- where 'team lead' and 'manager' and other titles are not really important to you and with a sense of adventure and curiosity to push your technical abilities to their limits.

I would love to have a chat with you so I can tell you a little more about us, the position and of course our San Francisco office as well.

However of course I would need to start with your initial thoughts :-) ?

Regards  xxx

Software Engineering Recruiter

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