Looking back over the decades, I feel sorry for my friends who got MBAs from Harvard or University of Chicago.

It sucked years out of their lives and put them on a track of administering. That is what the 'A' is for, after all.  BORING.

From the Economist:

Business schools constantly boast about the network students can tap into. Dont be fooled. Do you need to pay thousands to meet middle managers from industries that you have no interest in? I keep in touch with exactly one person from my year at business school, but if I'd met him in any other situation, we'd have become friends. I see a couple of others on occasion. But that's it, one person. If you gave me 24,000 now and asked me to go and network, Id join a club like Soho House or fly to Gstaad and spend a season working in a ski-rental shop. Id meet everybody I needed to, or at least someone who knows someone.