This post is about how to respond to a competitor that talks dirt about you in the marketplace. But before I get to that let me say that our primary competitors in staffing software - the top four or five - are by and large a good bunch of people.

They are not perfect, and neither are we. But they largely operate on a high playing field. They're ethical, client-focused organizations, and in a referential market like ours they wouldn't succeed if they weren't.

A dilemma arises in how to react to the dozen or so new players that enter our market each year and who in their desperation to avoid failure eschew long-term health (ethics) in favor of short-term tactics (talking dirt, whoring themselves out). The dilemma is aggravated and personalized when one of those competitors hires a disgruntled ex-employee and begins making disparaging calls to your clients. What do you do? Call that organization's leader and ask them to stop...and if they don't? Call a lawyer? Get mad? Get even?

How about "Get Thankful"?  Get thankful. Get thankful that you have parents that taught you better. Get thankful that your chief competitors aren't like that. Get thankful that it gets you mad, motivated to deliver kick ass service for those clients. Get thankful that your development groups get angry as well and pump out great solutions. Get thankful.

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