Two high school kids in our neighboring town of Lakeville, MN, died in a wreck this weekend.   

It's got a lot of people we know worked up - one of the kids was the grandson of a golf buddy of mine, for example.   

For sure if you've got teenagers, these kinds of stories make you feel sick.   But, according to futurist VC Steve Jurvetson, help is on the way.

He's predicting that in just two years, you'll be hopping in a self-driving car to get to the strip when you go to Las Vegas.   In ten years, you'll look back and think it was just crazy to let teenagers drive their own cars.

He also sees Uber, Lyft and other ride services rapidly adopting self-driving cars to service clients.   He thinks many of us won't bother owning a car before long.

Check out the video for all that and more: