The last few months have been an incredibly rich product development cycle for TempWorks staffing software.  I’m in constant awe of our developers and take it as my solemn duty to make sure their work benefits as many organizations out there as I can.

In this post I’m probably going to share too much, stuff I should probably shut my mouth about.  But it’s too exciting.  Can’t hold it in.  Besides I can rationalize by not talking about other things in the works, from the super secret to the soon-to-be-announced.

So here for the first time you can see a sneak preview of TempWorks 15r1.  It’s the latest .

A couple notes about the 15r release.  We’re developing it in concert with a major client, a Wall Street financial institution, with a rigorous process of quality assurance and parallel testing, involving dozens of people from both organizations.  I won’t go into all the accounting modules involved but I can say when fully released it will redefine the meaning of enterprise CRM.

So without further ado, here is an alpha 15r clip of Tempworks Enterprise:

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