We’ve used Haley Marketing to develop our websites and supplement our marketing efforts for years. They’ve managed fit nicely into a much-needed niche by servicing mainly staffing firms, which has allowed them to come to a unique understanding of the services we provide, why we provide them, and how staffing firms fit into the economic “big picture.”

Being a huge proponent of “staffing apologetics” here at Staffing Talk, I wanted to share Haley’s newest initiative, StaffingWorks, not just because it’s entirely FREE (always a great thing, right?), but because this material should be disseminated to as many outlets as possible. In their words, they are putting these materials together and giving them away because:

1.There are a lot of myths about the staffing industry. We want to help set the record straight.

2.The more people understand the real value of staffing, the more the industry will grow. And that’s what we want!

3.The staffing industry has been very good to us, and this site is one small way we can give back.

So there you have it, some great reasons to grab and share some of these materials on your social media accounts, flyers, proposals, etc. Because, after all, the more employers and job seekers see the value of staffing, the better things are for all of us!

You can register for an account and view & download their free marketing materials here