Concerned about labor costs?

There’s a silver lining with Obamacare and the possible passage of ‘immigration reform’.   Newly amnestied undocumented workers would be barred from getting healthcare benefits under the ACA which, in one like scenario, would allow employers to not include them in their ACA roster and possibly avoid the 50 full-time employee rule.

Temp Staffing Stocks Took a Hit Yesterday

Manpower, which has been on quite a ride lately, took it the worst, down 1.9%.

Job Board Business a Good One, If You Market It Right

My friend Matt Charney dissects LinkedIn’s success as a job board, says you can do it too.   You just have to be clever about it.   That may be so, but it’s still a mystery why LinkedIn, who makes much of their revenue from job ads, sports a market cap of $25 billion; $25 million is more reasonable based on their financials.

No Shortage of Startup Tech Jobs

Figure out how to service these businesses, and you won’t be hurting for job orders for a long time.

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