Our great columnist, Scott Morefield, got some ink from a popular website recently with this post on why conservatives should vote for Trump.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Many genuine conservatives undoubtedly dont like it, and although I don't agree with that position, to some degree I do understand and respect it.

I also realize that there are a significant number of people who currently take the position that they will not vote for Donald Trump whatsoever, regardless of what happens between now and Election Day. They will vote third party, stay at home, or even vote for Hillary Clinton but they will not cast their vote for the Republican nominee.

I believe that this position is severely short-sighted and even destructive, not just for the Republican Party but for the nation as a whole, and although it might not do any good, Id like to take a stab at convincing you skeptics to change your mind.