It’s father’s day, and I’m just back from a week’s vacation at a lake home near Cumberland, WI, where we stopped in at Louie’s brat stand.

One brat with auerkraut.  Horse-radish mustard and onion.  With a coke and chips, $5.  Served to you by the gals from nearby Granite Lake, priceless.

The event brought back fond memories of my father and the old lake cabin in Crystal Lake, WI, that he and my Mom kept up so us kids could spend our summers boating, golfing and barbecuing brats.  I can’t imagine a better way for a kid to spend a summer.

The richer the kid, the worse the summer.

I remember at the end of those great summers I’d get back to Nicolet High School in suburban Milwaukee and ask other kids how they spent their vacations.  It seemed the richer the kid, the worse the summer.   “My Dad was gone on business all summer so I just stayed home and watched TV,” I remember one rumored to be from a wealthy family saying.

So here’s to all you Dads, especially those that go the extra mile to connect with your kids.

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