It is accurate to say that Accurate Temps CEO Jaimie Rios (nee Migliore), and a brother Rob who is COO, and another brother David who is president, have been good stewards of the company their parents Debbie and Tony Migliore began back in 1978. It is also a wild understatement, given the growth the siblings have generated after taking over.

The growth continues with a recent expansion of their market reach into Professional Staffing, as well as their geographical reach.

The company just opened a new office located in Fox Lake, Illinois.  This marks their 10th location serving Chicago and its surrounding areas, and they are on pace to hit $44 million in revenue, with an eventual goal around the $50 million mark.

“We’ve had a lot of growth these past couple of years,” said Jaimie proudly. “We’re up 20% right now over last year, and our client base has grown 20% as well. We’re big enough that we can deal with larger clients. But we’re also a hands-on, personal touch, family-oriented business where people who take a lot of pride in their work are closely involved with day-to-day operations.”

Jaimie and her brothers literally grew up in the business. In 1997 Rob came out of college and went into the business. Then she came out of college in 1998 and went into the business. Once David was in place, and the three of them were running it, their parents pretty much retired.

“It was a natural thing for us to follow our parents into this business, but it wasn’t a given. We did have a choice. In my case, I had a degree  in psychology so I explored that a little bit. But the more I looked the more I realized how wonderful this business is. The people, the fact there is something new every day, the satisfaction of helping clients. It’s great!”

Jaimie continued that she particularly likes the diversity of her days.

“You’re dealing with companies that print checks over here, and another company that does plastic injection molding over there. One day you might be walking through a factory, the next you’re sitting in a corporate boardroom.”

And no matter what the client does, or how big they are, she says they still get the same great customer service.

“Delivering the best customer service is all we know how to do. That’s how we’re wired. And we won’t sacrifice that, no matter what. We don’t have many competitors in our area providing that same high level of service. We know that because we hear it all the time.”

“Delivering the best customer service is all we know how to do. That’s how we’re wired. And we won’t sacrifice that, no matter what."

Not all the attention is focused on the client aide though. Jaimie says they spend a lot of time thinking about their employees and several hundred temps.

The result?

“We have really high employee retention rates. We take extra time to do a thorough interview with them and really get to know them and their skill sets and capabilities, as well as learn what it is they want from us.”

She says they also try to check in with them regularly, and that they pay attention to culture with birthday parties and employee of the month recognition events among other things.

“We just try to let them know we appreciate them. You’d be surprised at how well that works. It goes a long way toward keeping those personal relationships with employees as well as clients.”

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised at all at how well that works. In profiling literally hundreds of companies over the years, I know there is a real connection between a winning culture in the workplace and happiness and productivity.

(Sidebar: If you would like to delve into this company culture area further, I highly recommend Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. A former #1 on The New York Times bestseller list as well as The Wall Street Journal bestselling book list, the core message of the book is simple – happiness is an essential ingredient for success in life and success in business. According to Hsieh, it is not only about your own happiness, but about creating happiness for others.)

“We try to treat every employee – and every client – with as high a degree of individuality as we can muster,” continued Jaimie. “We don’t have a standard across the board cookie cutter approach for anyone or anything. That comes with experience. We have been in this business a long time and we likely have done it before. “

Accurate recently grew their IT, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, and Professional Staffing practices with the hiring of some key people.

Two of them have over 15 years in executive and professional recruiting and sales and they will be spearheading a new division — Accurate Professional Staffing.

In addition, the company added two specialized recruiters for all of their higher skilled positions.

In a recent press release the company stated their Chicago base of operation is expected to expand north across the Wisconsin border and south to the Rockford, Illinois area.  They may also be expanding their reach into other states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“We have had clients approach us about opening in other states, so that may drive some more growth,” says Jaimie. “We’re not the type of company that is going to grow just to grow and then let those new locations run themselves though. We have to have the knowledge and confidence that we can service those more remote locations at the same level we do the local ones. That’s something we have to take a look at.”

I didn’t have the chance to speak with Rob or David about the company and their success. But if they are anything like their sister, they are modest and unassuming about it.

It took some prodding, but by the end of our conversation I could tell  Jaimie is proud of her entire family, and what they have accomplished together, dating all the way back to the foundation their parents laid in the late ‘70’s.

“We feel great about what we’ve done and that we all work together well. We all have our strengths. We know we can count on each other and our doors are always open and our employees and clients know they can always count on us as well. I think that inspires confidence and is what has made us successful.”

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