Nicole Sumerlin Faris could have had it all.

The young businesswoman founded Gulf Coast Personnel in 2008, a temporary employment agency in Mobile, Alabama, that would provide workers for construction, hospitality, warehouse, administrative and seasonal jobs.

As executive vice president of the agency, Faris was said to have been committed to providing skilled laborers to industries.

These workers received pre-paid debit cards for their services.

Faris issued herself a debit card in December 2008, according to Alabama’s Press-Register, for the purpose of embezzling money from her company. She loaded company money onto this debit card 88 separate times in 2009.

According to the plea agreement, Faris was spending the money on home utilities, clothing -- even Mississippi casinos. Tribal Solutions, an aerospace and defense manufacturer in Texas, were the ones to uncover Faris’ fatal flaw.

President Randy Tomplait told me that Tribal Solutions discovered something was amiss when they tried to close out the year.

"There was about a $40,000 discrepancy," he said. "The numbers just didn't add up."

When Tribal Solutions confronted Faris, she admitted that not only had she falsified accounting documents such as year-end W-2s, but had also been using a business debit card since March 2009 for more personal expenses. She was spending the funds at clothing and furniture stores, bars and other outlets, according to the Press-Register.

Faris pled guilty last week to wire fraud.

Prosecutors agreed not to oppose probation, provided Faris makes full restitution, according to the plea agreement.

The alleged total amount, according to the Press-Register, is $52,379.05.

Though affiliated with the American Staffing Association, Gulf Coast Personnel was not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Likewise, the agency’s LinkedIn profile and Facebook group are devoid of comments.

The agency's phone number has been disconnected.

However, Faris’ own LinkedIn page suggests the 36-year-old has already plunged into her next career move, events management. She even credits her past experience in the staffing industry as a stepping stone for her advancement.

Hopefully the new venture is lucrative enough to cover over $50,000 in damages.

Tomplait, who was unaware of the minor coverage regarding Faris’ case, said she could have been a testament of success to Tribal Solutions.

“We gave her a great opportunity,” he said. “It’s a shame that there’s a lot of people hurt. People get greedy and do crazy things.”

Looking back, Tomplait said Faris took the usual convincing route con artists do.

He said she had a “great personality” and the two companies had a good relationship, at first.

Now, Tomplait is convinced Faris has pulled the wool over the eyes of other companies she has worked with.

“I’m not sure that we’re the first for her,” he said.

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