Over the coming months you can expect to see some slow-but-steady changes to Staffing Talk. Some will be subtle or barely noticeable, while other improvements will hopefully be obvious. As always, we’ll be continually open to your suggestions and constructive criticisms during this time, so feel free to tell us how we’re doing.

Just this week Staffing Talk welcomed a new
co-editor to the fray – Ms. Kinzy Janssen. She’ll be helping us out with writing and reporting, pulling together the Staffing News of the Day, and copy editing others’ work. I’ve previously worked with Kinzy for a handful of years, so I can tell you with confidence that you can expect to be wowed, enlightened, and entertained with everything she touches on Staffing Talk, not to mention the overall quality of the product being better because of her involvement.

In addition to Kinzy joining us, we’re also in the process of potentially adding another regular writer to our staff. So, hopefully, we’ll continue to improve our product for your hungry eyes and accomplish our mission of informing you about important rumblings in the staffing industry.

In case you couldn’t tell already, we kinda try to be the water cooler of the staffing news world – the place you go to find out about (and take part in) the newest topics of conversation in staffing. Well we’re also having conversations around the water cooler, so to speak, regarding ways we can change what we do for the better. So as these discussions take place, we invite you to offer your own suggestions of what you’d like to see when you visit our site or receive our News of the Day.

Feel free to bring up said suggestions in the comments below. Otherwise, email us at news@http://staffingtalk.com. Either way, you can rest assured that we’ll listen.

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