This has been the summer of search and candidate matching for me.  We went out visiting clients and studied how they used our software.

One thing that came up quickly and repeatedly was that any incremental improvement in search translated quickly into increased direct hire revenue and margins. We went back to the developers and fast-tracked improvements in our candidate matching engine. This press release - you see it here first - tells some of the story.

ST. PAUL, MINN. (August 28, 2008)– For Houston-based executive search firm The Daniel Group, priority number one is finding the absolute best match for its clients and candidates. Earlier this summer when TempWorks Software introduced its next-generation candidate matching search engine, The Daniel Group was quick to jump on board.

TempWorks' unique matching engine culls through thousands of candidate records, simultaneously finding and ranking candidates using a Microsoft® certified profiling system. Unlike most job board systems that force recruiters to sift through thousands of matches based on crude keyword based search engines, TempWorks uses a more contextual matching system which probes the candidate profiles and finds the best fit without relying solely on keywords.

When the TempWorks system is in place a recruiter can easily go to the top three, instead of spending hours sifting through candidates.

“The TempWorks matching engine stands out by making location and profile search criteria work together tightly to make the absolute best possible match for our client,” says Stephanie Garcia, a Recruitment Specialist for The Daniel Group.

It’s not just the contextual matching that gives The Daniel Group the edge. TempWorks CEO Gregg Dourgarian points out that in the bigger metro areas like Houston, it’s critical to simultaneously combine profile matching with location and availability.

“There is no point in returning thousands of keyword matches,” says Dourgarian. “There’s no time for that. Our client needs the top three to five people who not only have the profile but also the availability and location necessary to do the job.”

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